Elon Musk to start charging new X users to tackle bot problem; know all details here

Elon Musk’s initiative to combat bots on X, the social network he acquired, proposes a multi-faceted approach to address the persistent problem. Here’s a summary of Musk’s plan:

  1. Small Fee for Posting: Musk suggests implementing a nominal fee for new users to post on the platform. This fee is aimed at deterring bots from proliferating on the platform, as traditional methods like CAPTCHA are deemed ineffective against sophisticated bots.
  2. Initial Non-Payment Period: New users will be required to pay a fee to engage on the platform, but there’s a compromise in place. Musk proposes a three-month waiting period during which new accounts can be created without fees. This allows genuine users to familiarize themselves with the platform before deciding to commit financially.
  3. Broader Anti-Bot Strategies: In addition to the fee, X is actively taking steps to delete spam accounts, which has led to a reduction in follower counts across the platform. This broader strategy aims to create a more authentic and engaging environment for users.
  4. Previous Implementations: Musk’s proposal draws on previous implementations of similar fees in regions like New Zealand and the Philippines. In these instances, new unverified users paid a small annual fee to interact on the platform, which reportedly helped in curbing bot activity.

Overall, Musk’s plan reflects a proactive approach to address the challenge of bots on social media platforms. By combining a nominal fee with other anti-bot measures and offering a grace period for new users, X aims to create a more secure and user-friendly environment for its community.

Written by shanprakash

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