Withings debuts in India with new smart scales and watches to combat heart disease


Withings is making a significant move by bringing its advanced health monitoring devices to the Indian market. The Body Scan smart scale, with its comprehensive body composition metrics and electrocardiogram capabilities, seems poised to offer valuable insights into users’ health beyond just weight measurement. Additionally, the Body Smart Scale caters to those seeking to monitor general health trends, providing estimates for fat and muscle mass.

The ScanWatch2 hybrid smartwatch appears to be a standout product, integrating smart fitness and sleep tracking features with medical-grade sensors. Its ability to perform electrocardiogram and blood oxygen readings, along with monitoring skin temperature fluctuations, positions it as a valuable tool for individuals concerned about their cardiovascular health, especially considering the alarming levels of cardiovascular diseases in India.

Withings’ focus on democratizing access to transformative health technologies aligns well with the health challenges faced by India, particularly concerning cardiovascular health and obesity. By offering innovative products that provide real-life data seamlessly, Withings aims to empower millions of individuals in India to lead healthier lives. Eric Carreel’s statement emphasizes Withings’ commitment to providing unique tools and insights to its users, highlighting the ScanWatch2’s ability to track clinical biomarkers with an impressive 30-day battery life. This dedication to innovation and accessibility suggests that Withings’ entry into the Indian market could have a significant impact on the country’s approach to health monitoring and management.

Written by shanprakash

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