How Scientists Make Shoes & Wallets from Bacteria

In a bid to fight climate change, scientists are getting creative with fashion. They’re using bacteria to craft shoes and wallets! Instead of relying on traditional leather-making methods, this new approach is eco-friendly and animal-friendly.

Here’s how it works: Scientists tinker with bacteria to produce a leather-like material called bacterial cellulose. It’s vegan, uses way less water and land than traditional methods, and doesn’t need nasty chemicals. Plus, it can even dye itself, thanks to some clever genetic engineering.

The process is pretty neat: First, they grow the bacterial cellulose into the desired shape, like a shoe or a wallet. Then, they let it sit in a special machine that gently shakes it, causing it to darken all on its own. Finally, they attach it to a sole or finish it off, and voila! You’ve got yourself a sustainable fashion accessory.

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