Sony PS5 Pro to offer faster GPU, improved ray-tracing and system memory: Report


Sony’s reported plans for a new PlayStation 5 variant, the PlayStation 5 Pro, codenamed Trinity, are generating significant excitement among gamers and tech enthusiasts. Here’s a breakdown of the key specifications and features revealed in the report:

  1. Improved GPU: The PlayStation 5 Pro is expected to feature an enhanced GPU, offering around 45% faster rendering capabilities compared to the standard PlayStation 5. This improvement aims to provide better performance, especially in games with ray tracing enabled.
  2. Ray Tracing Enhancements: Sony is encouraging developers to utilize advanced graphics features like ray tracing, with games labeled as “Trinity Enhanced” if they offer significant enhancements for the PS5 Pro. The console will make use of an enhanced ray tracing architecture, providing up to three times more speed than the regular PS5.
  3. CPU Performance: While the CPU will remain the same as the standard PS5, the PS5 Pro will introduce a new mode that clocks it higher. The CPU frequency target for the PS5 Pro is reportedly 3.85GHz, representing a 10% increase over the regular PS5’s 3.5GHz CPU.
  4. Memory: System memory on the PS5 Pro is expected to receive a significant boost, with a 28% increase to 576GB/s compared to the standard PS5’s 448GB/s. This enhancement aims to improve overall system performance and gameplay experiences.
  5. PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR): The PS5 Pro will include the PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution feature, which is designed to enhance frame rates and image quality. Additionally, Sony has developed a custom architecture for machine learning on the PS5 Pro, supporting 300TOPS of 8-bit computation.

These specifications suggest that the PlayStation 5 Pro will offer a substantial performance upgrade over the standard PS5, catering to gamers who prioritize high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay experiences. With improved GPU rendering, enhanced ray tracing capabilities, and other advanced features, the PS5 Pro has the potential to deliver immersive gaming experiences at a new level of fidelity and performance.

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