A look at their best and worst playoff games

There’s no end to arguably the biggest basketball debate of all time: Michael Jordan versus LeBron James: who’s the real GOAT?

Fans as well as experts on both sides have a long list of solid arguments to support their conflicting claims. Unless someone bigger than the two shows up and becomes an obvious choice, the debate will drag on.

For a change, let’s go back in memory and look back at the best and worst knockouts of two of the greatest ever to play the game.

#first. Michael Jordan’s Worst Playoff

In game 2 of the 1989 Eastern Conference semifinals against New York Knicks, Michael Jordan is limited to seven free throws and one free throw. As a result, the Knicks won by 114-97. Finishing with just 15 points, Jordan had a miserable night of shooting as Patrick Ewing and the Knicks were able to end the series with a score of one.

Despite that rare night off, Jordan still averaged 35.7 points per game in the streak. Chicago will win three of its final four games against the Knicks to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 1975.

However, Michael Jordan’s knockout was blocked by the tournament’s Bad Boys. Detroit pistons. Ultimately, the Pistons will claim the crown by wiping out the highly favored Los Angeles Lakers in the finals.

#2 LeBron James’ worst playoff game

That was the season that LeBron James left Cleveland to form “Super Team” with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in Miami. Armed with a superior lineup, Heat Miami advance to the finals to face Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks.

As expected, Miami won the first 2 games of the final at home. When the series moved to Dallas, however, the Heat began to decline. LeBron began to be passive and did not appear “King”.

In one of the worst games of his career, LeBron didn’t play well in Game 4. He only scored 8 points when he shot 3/11 from the field. Dallas finally won their first NBA title in Game 6, knocking out the popular Miami Heat. James’ numbers in the championship series are terrible. He’s only averaged 17.8 points, 7.2 rebounds and 6.8 assists.

But “The King” will reign for two of the next three seasons, bringing home the Miami Heat a few Larry O’Brien titles.

#3 Michael Jordan’s best playoffs

Who can forget the jump jump that sealed Jordan’s victory over Utah in 1998 NBA Finals to give Chicago Bull’s sixth title in eight years?

However, it was a knockout match against Boston Celtics in 1986 is considered his greatest. Playing only 18 games in his sophomore year due to a leg injury, Michael Jordan was able to lead Chicago to the knockout stages.

In game 2 of Chicago’s first series against the Boston Celtics powerhouse, Michael Jordan put on a stunning display with his unmatched offensive arsenal. His “Airness” scored 62 points when he hit 22 to 41 from the field and 19 to 21 from the free throw.

However, the Celtics prevailed in double injury time, and would eventually wipe out Chicago. But that particular game was immortalized by Larry Bird himself, who described Jordan as “God disguised as Michael Jordan.”

#4 LeBron James’ best playoffs

One of LeBron James’ most iconic moments was his monster tackle against Andre Iguodala in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals. The Cleveland Cavaliers won their first and only NBA championship despite the fact that the Cleveland Cavaliers won their first and only NBA championship. lost 1-3 to the Golden State Warriors.

It was 11 years ago when LeBron played the best playoff game of his career. In game 5 of the 2007 Eastern Conference finals against the Detroit Pistons, James scored 48 points, 9 rebounds, and 7 assists. “The King” led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 109-107 win.

Taking 18 of his 33 shots in the game, “The King” scored 29 of Cleveland’s final 30 in the fourth quarter, including 25 in a row. The win puts the Cavaliers one game away on their trip to the NBA Finals.

LeBron James and his Cavaliers successfully destroyed the Pistons in Game 6 and eventually faced the San Antonio Spurs in the 2002 NBA Finals. However, the Tim Duncan-led Spurs gave James a rude welcome in the game. his first NBA championship series by a sweep.

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